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  • CFUCDF Philly Meetup-Registration

    Connecting Families UCD Foundation

    is so excited to announce open registration for our upcoming UCD Meetup in Philadelphia, PA.

    This event will be hosted at the Hilton-Penns Landing on September 3-4, 2021 (Fri-Sat).

    UCD families: please be aware this will be a full day of meetings and sessions of interacting with other families. Breakfast will begin at 8am with the first presentation beginning between 8:45-9:00am. The Meetup will end by 4:00pm. Meals are included at the hotel except for dinner on Saturday evening. There will be an option for UCD families to attend a UCD Cooking Class sponsored by Horizon Therapeutics which is scheduled to begin by 6:00pm. This class is hosted by professional chef's and it's a hand's on cooking event in which we all prepare fresh, low-pro foods and then we enjoy each other's dishes (and company) while we eat dinner together. Please indicate if you would like to attend this low-pro UCD Cooking Class on your registration form.

    What you need to know before registering:

    As we have for all previous events in the past, Connecting Families UCD Foundation will continue providing travel stipends for those who qualify.

    Please be aware of the following changes to our policy this year:

    What Costs Does My Registration Cover?

    • CFUCDF WILL cover the costs for the Welcome Dinner (Fri-arrival evening), Breakfast and Lunch (Saturday-conference day), (1) hotel night stay (Fri.), as well as travel stipends for those who qualify.
    • Should you decide to stay a second hotel night, please let us know immediately so we can ask the hotel to offer you the same rate.
    • CFUCDF will NOT cover any costs charged to your room. Please be prepared to check in with a credit card/debit card upon arrival to the hotel.
    • The hotel does not provide shuttle transportation to or from the airport.
    • CFUCDF will NOT be making any flight or shuttle arrangements for this event. You will be responsible to make all your travel arrangements and cover those costs up front.
    • Please book your flights as soon as possible and please arrive in time for our Welcome Dinner Friday, September 3rd at 6:30 pm. Dinner will be in the hotel.

    • If I Was Approved For A Travel Stipend, How Will I Receive It?

    • CFUCDF will offer travel stipends in the amount of $500/family this year
    • Travel Stipends are limited so please indicate this on your registration form. Once we receive registrations with requests for travel stipends, we will reach out to you directly using the contact info you provided on your form. Please make sure the information is accurate and current to avoid any delays in approvals.
    • A check-in desk will be located at the front of the presentation room where we will all gather for the Meetup. We ask that every attendee sign in on Day1 of the Meetup. Those who were approved for travel stipends will be required to attend all sessions. If you may not be able to attend a session, please just let us know right away and we will try to help you any way we can so you don't have to miss out.
    • Reimbursements will be in the form of a check and will be issued at the conclusion of the Meetup.

    • Registration Begins Here

    • Please be aware that there will be limited activities for children should you decide to bring them. There will be a room provided with arts and craft for them and two UCD adults present and in charge of the room during every session.
    • Please give us a family head count of those eating dinner.
    • Please give us a family head count of those who will attend the class. Dinner is included in this event.
    • Please add all names and ages.
    • T-shirts provided will be based on adult sizes.
    • Travel Stipends are limited so if you need one, PLEASE apply early. We will be contacting you as part of the application/qualification process so please be sure your contact info above is correct and is current. Thank you for applying and we will be in touch shortly.
    • CFUCDF will be taking pictures and filming some video during the UCD Meetup in Philadelphia, and should we capture any media of you and your family members, we will only use them for the purposes of CFUCDF digital media, flyers, or internal use only. This media Consent is completely voluntary and if you choose to opt out we will honor your decision. Please be aware if your image is captured for some reason by accident, we will be checking consent before posting any of them publicly. If we find that you opted out and we captured your image, you will be removed from the photos/video.

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